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I am Eddy Lanz and I have been teaching the Holy Scriptures for some years now, in German, English and Urdu. While you teach, you produce materials, outlines, articles. Here is some of it. I hope, you will enjoy it. God bless!


Old Testament

The Toledot Structure of Genesis

Human Sexuality in the Genesis Creation Narrative by Paul Burgess

A NT Reading of the OT Isaiah

Isaiah Structure

The Sign of Immanuel

Why the Codex Leningradensis and the Codex Aleppo agree about the sedarim in Isaiah after all

Jeremiah Structure

Micah Outline

Nahum Outline

Zechariah Outline

God's Spirit in the Old Testament


New Testament

New Testament Survey (book in pdf, 1.1 MB)

Luke 1:67-79: The Praise of Zechariah



The Mystery of Godliness (book in pdf, 2.9 MB)

Basic Systematic Theology (book in pdf, 2.0 MB)

The Canon of the Bible

God's Spirit in the Old Testament

God's Spirit in the New Testament

Eschatology in the Old and New Testament

Evidence for the Crucifixion of Jesus

Righteousness in the Old and New Testaments

Bill Johnson’s Book: When Heaven invades Earth - A Review