Here are some of my favorite sites for different categories.


My favorite source for news about Pakistan:

My favorite website for international news: BBC

Website of a famous German TV News program: Tagesschau

A famous German weekly magazine website: Spiegel Online

Linux and Open Source

A document preparation system. Many of my documents and writing projects are written using Xelatex:  LaTeX

This is my favorite website for information about Linux and open source news:

Ubuntu is a Linux computer operating system and my favorite Linux distribution: Ubuntu


The Scholarly Bible Portal of the German Bible Society:

Listen to the Pakistan Bible Society Urdu Bible:

Home of

The Crosswire Bible Society with good Bible software for free:


Zarephath Bible Seminary:


Free Bible study software: Xiphos

Free Bible study software: Bibletime

Free download of Adobe Reader

Content management system: Joomla! Forums


The Center for Language Engineering (CLE) is conducting research and development in linguistic and computational aspects of languages, specifically of Pakistan and developing Asia: