and welcome. I am Eddy Lanz and I have been teaching the Holy Scriptures for some years now, in German, English and Urdu. While you teach, you produce materials, outlines, articles. Here is some of it. I hope, you will enjoy it.

Some of the files in the Urdu section are pdf-files with embedded Urdu fonts. You will be able to read them with a good pdf-reader like the one from Adobe .

To read the html-files you will need to have an Urdu font installed. The html-files are written with the Nafees Web Naskh ttf-fonts which you can get from, that means from here.

God bless!


Old Testament

Genesis Outline

Genesis: Toledoth

Genesis: Toledoth of Tarah

Exodus Outline

Exodus: 10 Commandments

Exodus: Book of the Covenant

Leviticus Outline

Numbers Outline

Numbers: Census

Deuteronomy Outline

Deuteronomy: 10 Commandments as Topics in 12-26

Joshua Outline

Judges Outline

Judges: Years

Samuel Outline

Kings Outline

Isaiah 1,1-2,1 Outline

Isaiah 2,1-13,1 Outline

Isaiah 40,1-52,12 Outline

Isaiah 52,13-66,24 Outline

The Prophecies about the Servant of the Lord in Isaiah and their fulfillment in Jesus Christ


New Testament

Learn New Testament Verses

Matthew Outline

John Outline

Romans 9 to 11: God's way with Israel

1 Timothy Outline

Revelation Outline

The Three Sevener Cycles in Revelation



The Holy Spirit in the Bible

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ (Amde Sani)

Important Texts about the Last Days

Bible Reading Schedule in Urdu


Church History in Urdu by Dieter Becht, 4.7 MB pdf