The Bible teaches the end of this world. The time given for this event is the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. It will happen on the "Day of the Lord" or the "Great and awe inspiring day of God". There are many passages in the Old and New Testament related to the "Last Days". When we survey all evidence it seems that according to the Bible this world will end in a big bang, in dramatical events related to the coming of Christ ushering in a new world order, new heavens and a new earth, dominated by righteousness under the rule of God himself, Christ the King, God incarnate. Revelation , the last book of the Bible, seems to have a double focus: Chapter one to three presenting the sevenfold churchlife of the first century, and chapter 4 to 22 presenting seven vision cycles about future events leading to the second coming of Christ. Especially a closer analysis of the three cycles with Sevens in Revelation seems to suggest that there are many things repeated in these seven vision cycles.