Righteousness is an important subject in the Bible. The justification of the sinner in the New Testament is part of the teaching of salvation and is related to this subject. God is righteous in the Old and in the New Testament. He is righteous in judgment and in salvation. We look at the Hebrew words related to the concept of righteousness in the Old Testament, at the synonyms and antonyms which are used in the same contexts. In the New Testament we look especially at righteousness, righteous and to declare righteous. The apostle Paul's explanation of God's righteousness in Rom 3:21-26 is one of the most important texts about the subject. Have a look at this booklet Righteousness in the Old and New Testaments .

Die Frage der Gerechtigkeit im Alten Testament ist nicht unwichtig. Viele biblische Lehren werden davon berührt. Folgende Pdf-Datei (Gerechtigkeit im Alten Testament) ist besonders den Worten der Wurzel zdq im Hebräischen gewidmet. Die entsprechenden hebräischen Verse werden aufgelistet. Es wird auf Synonyme und Antonyme verwiesen, die im Kontext mit den Worten der Wurzel zdq benutzt werden. Die Dissertation von Klaus Koch wird im Exzerpt dargeboten und kritisch gewürdigt.

is a subject presented by Paul Burgess. It can be downloaded here. Different Hebrew verbs used for God's creation activity are also taken into account as is the Toledot structure of Genesis.

Here is a new and free book to download, "Basic New Testament Greek". It is in English, but it is especially written for people who speak Urdu. The vocabulary of the 1067 most used Greek words is given in Greek, Urdu and English. The verb forms and the vocabulary of the 20 lessons can be downloaded in audio file format as well from here to get help with the pronunciation.