I am Eddy Lanz and I have been teaching the Holy Scriptures for some years now, in German, English and Urdu. While you teach, you produce materials, outlines, articles. Here is some of it. I hope, you will enjoy it. God bless!


Old Testament

The Toledot Structure of Genesis

Human Sexuality in the Genesis Creation Narrative by Paul Burgess

Isaiah Structure

The Sign of Immanuel

Jeremiah Structure

Micah Outline

Nahum Outline

Zechariah Outline

God's Spirit in the Old Testament


New Testament

New Testament Survey (book in pdf, 1.1 MB)

Luke 1:67-79: The Praise of Zechariah



The Mystery of Godliness (book in pdf, 2.9 MB)

The Canon of the Bible

God's Spirit in the Old Testament

God's Spirit in the New Testament

Eschatology in the Old and New Testament

Evidence for the Crucifixion of Jesus

Righteousness in the Old and New Testaments

The Old and New Testament in Modern Urdu.
Translated from the Original Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek

In Persian script.
Urdu Geo Version
(The Old and New Testament) pdf 10.5 MB
Tauret (Pentateuch) pdf 2.3 MB
Tareekhi Sahaif
(Historical Books) pdf 3.2 MB
Sahaif-I Hikmat Aur Zaboor (Wisdom Literature and Psalms) pdf 1.9 MB
Sahaif-I Anbia (Prophets) pdf 2.9 MB
Injil-I Muqaddas (New Testament) pdf 3.3 MB

In Devanagari script.
The following files are still a beta version.
Urdu Geo Version (The Old and New Testament) pdf 7.6 MB,
Tauret (Pentateuch) pdf 1.4 MB,
Tareekhi Sahaif
(Historical Books) pdf 1.9 MB,
Sahaif-I Hikmat Aur Zaboor (Wisdom Literature and Psalms) pdf 1.0 MB,
Sahaif-I Anbia (Prophets) pdf 1.7 MB,
Injil-I Muqaddas (New Testament) pdf 2.0 MB.

The Urdu Geo version in the form of sfm textfiles which can be imported into Paratext is downloadable here in Persian script (zip-format 1.6 MB), in Devanagari script (zip-format 1.8 MB) here.

For those who want to use the Urdu Geo version together with a Bible program, so that they can search for words and profit from a powerful search engine there is the possibility to download the Bible Sword modules from the crosswire website here, the Urdu Geo Version in Persian script in a Raw zip text module can be found here, the Urdu Geo Versian in Devanagari script in a Raw zip text module can be found here.
For installation instructions look at this website http://www.crosswire.org/sword/modules/moduleinstall.jsp under the instructions for "Downloading Modules and Installing Without Install Manager", especially the explanation for "Raw" zip-files.

Some free Bible software programs I have used and enjoyed are Bible Time (see this website) and Xiphos (see this website). Check them out and enjoy!

A portrait of Jesus based on the Urdu Geo Version is available now in audio files for free download (with kind permission of Word of Life http://www.word.org.uk/resources).
Get it and share it with friends.
Seerat ul Masih 1.mp3
Seerat ul Masih 2.mp3
Seerat ul Masih 3.mp3
Seerat ul Masih 4.mp3
Seerat ul Masih 5.mp3
Seerat ul Masih 6.mp3
Seerat ul Masih 7.mp3
Seerat ul Masih 8.mp3
Seerat ul Masih 9.mp3