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My favorite source for news about Pakistan:

My favorite website for international news: BBC

Website of a famous German TV News program: Tagesschau

A famous German weekly magazine website: Spiegel Online

Linux and Open Source

A document preparation system. Many of my documents and writing projects are written using Xelatex:  LaTeX

This is my favorite website for information about Linux and open source news:

Ubuntu is a Linux computer operating system and my favorite Linux distribution: Ubuntu


The Scholarly Bible Portal of the German Bible Society:

Listen to the Pakistan Bible Society Urdu Bible:

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The Crosswire Bible Society with good Bible software for free:


Zarephath Bible Seminary:


Free Bible study software: Xiphos

Free Bible study software: Bibletime

Free download of Adobe Reader

Content management system: Joomla! Forums


The Center for Language Engineering (CLE) is conducting research and development in linguistic and computational aspects of languages, specifically of Pakistan and developing Asia:

Here is an overview over some books or booklets available from this site.

Basic Old Testament Hebrew pdf 800 KB

Der ungeteilte Jesaja pdf 1.6 MB

Basic New Testament Greek pdf 846 KB

New Testament Survey pdf 1.1 MB

Handout zum Neuen Testament pdf

Greek Gospel Synopsis Based on Matthew pdf 765 KB

Greek Gospel Synopsis Based on Matthew odt 337 KB

The Mystery of Godliness pdf 3.3 MB

Basic Systematic Theology pdf 2.0 MB

Seven Truths about the Holy Spirit pdf 804 KB

Urdu Geo Version (In Persian script. The Old and New Testament) pdf  10.5 MB

Urdu Geo Version (In Devanagari script. The Old and New Testament) pdf  7.6 MB

Urdu Church History by Dieter Becht, pdf 4.7 MB

as part of the Holy Bible is a very important source for the spiritual life of the worldwide Church. Most modern Translations are based on it and so it continues to influence the lives of millions.

SBL Greek New Testament Audio Files

The letters of the Corpus Paulinum, the Catholic Epistles and the Revelation of the Greek New Testament (according to the SBL Greek New Testament which is available here: ) in audio format can be downloaded for free from here.

Synopsis and Vocabulary

Basic New Testament Greek (Free Book and Audio Files)

Basic NT Greek
Basic NT Greek

The audio files beneath give the forms of the verbs and the nouns and the vocabulary lists of the "Basic New Testament Greek" by Eddy Lanz. 
01 The Alphabet
01 Vocabulary
02 Present Tense Indicative
02 Vocabulary
03 Forms of 2. Declension Masculine
03 Future Tense Indicative Acitve
03 Vocabulary
04 Imperfect Indicative Acitve
04 Forms of 2. Declension Neuter
04 Vocabulary 2. Declension Neuter
05 Aorist Active Indicative
05 Forms of 1. Declension Feminine
05 Vocabulary 1. Declension
06 Forms Perfect Indicative Active
06 Vocabulary Small Words 1
07 Forms Pluperfect Indicative Active
07 Forms of 3. Declension Stems
07 Vocabulary 3. Declension
08 Present Active Subjunctive Forms
08 Aorist Active Subjunctive Forms
08 Vocabulary Small Words 2
09 Present Active Imperative Forms
09 Aorist Active Imperative Forms
09 Vocabulary Prepositions 1
10 Active Infinitive Forms
10 Vocabulary Prepositions 2
11 Active Participle Forms
11 Vocabulary 1. and 2. Declension Adjectives
12 Present Passive Indicative Forms
12 Imperfect Passive Indicative Forms
12 Vocabulary Contracted Verbs
13 Future Passive Indicative
13 Aorist Passive Indicative
13 Vocabulary Deponent Verbs
14 Perfect Passive Indicative Forms
14 Pluperfect Passive Indicative Forms
14 Vocabulary Mi-Verbs
15 Present Passive Subjunctive
15 Aorist Passive Subjunctive
15 Vocabulary Numbers Etc.
16 Present Passive Imperative
16 Aorist Passive Imperative
16 Passive Infinitives
16 Vocabulary Small Words 3
17 Present Passive Participle
17 Future Passive Participle
17 Aoritst Passive Participle
17 Perfect Passive Participle
17 Vocabulary Verbs
18 Future Middle Indicative
18 Aorist Middle Indicative
18 Vocaburlary Verbs
19 Aorist Middle Subjunctive
19 Aorist Middle Imperative
19 Vocabulary Verbs
20 Middle Infinitives and Participles
20 Vocabulary Concluding Grace

Selected Greek NT Verses Audio Files


is acknowledged by Jews and Christians alike as God's Holy Word. It comprises roughly three quarters of the Christian Holy Bible and the New Testament is deeply rooted in it. It continues to exert a great spiritual influence all over the world. Have a look at some material for learning Hebrew and keeping it afresh with the Urdu or English reader in mind.

WLC Hebrew Old Testament Audio Files

Some of the Minor Prophets (according to the Westminster Leningrad Codex, see ) in audio format can be downloaded for free from here. Also some poetic and wisdom books can be downloaded from here.

Basic Old Testament Hebrew

Here you can download "Basic Old Testament Hebrew" by Eddy Lanz. This book helps you to learn the basics of biblical Hebrew. It includes for example the 500 most frequently used words in the Hebrew Old Testament and their Urdu meanings. The audio files beneath give the forms of the verbs and the nouns and the vocabulary lists of this book and the Hebrew verses for the daily readings to practise one's Hebrew and keep it alive.

01 The Alphabet - Consonants
01 The Vowel Signs
01 Vocabulary
02 Vocabulary
03 Vocabulary: Nouns
04 Adjectives: tov
04 Qal Participles
04 Vocab: Adjectives
05 Qal Perfect Forms
05 Vocab: Verbs
06 Qal Imperfect Forms
06 Vocab: Verbs
07 Qal Imperatives
07 Vocab: Verbs
08 Noun with Suffixes
08 Qal Infinitves. Vocab: Verbs
09 Niphal Perfect, Imperatives and Infinitives
09 Vocab: Verbs and others
10 Niphal Imperfect and Participle
10 Vocab: Prepositions
11 Piel Perfect, Imperatives, Infinitives
11 Vocab: Piel Verbs etc.
12 Piel Impferfect and Participle
12 Vocab: Pronouns and Nouns
13 Pual Perfect and Infinitive Absolute
13 Vocab: Small Words and some Nouns
14 Pual Imperfect and Participle
14 Vocab: Numbers etc.
15 Hitpael Perfect, Imperatives and Infinitives
15 Vocab: Nouns
16 Hithpael Imperfect and Participle
16 Vocab: Nouns
17 Hiphil Perfect, Imperatives and Infinitives
17 Vocab: Verbs
18 Hiphil Imperfect and Participle
18 Vocab: Hiphil Verbs and Nouns
19 Hophal Perfect and Infinitive
19 Vocab: Nouns
20 Hophal Imperfect and Passive Participle
20 Vocab: Nouns

Audio files of the daily readings of the Hebrew verses:
Gn 1:27 to 50:20
Ex 3:14 to 40:34
Lv 19:2 to Dt 33:27
Jos 1:7 to 1 Kgs 19:18
1 Chr 17:11 to Job 42:6
Ps 1:6 to 22:1
Ps 23:1 to 34:1
Ps 34:4 to 50:3
Ps 50:15 to 103:22
Ps 104:24 to 126:6
Ps 130:1 to Prov 6:8
Prov 7:2 to 16:18
Prov 16:32 to 24:16
Prov 25:21 to Eccl 12:14
Song of Songs 8:6 to Is 10:21
Is 11:1 to 44:6
Is 44:22 to 66:13
Jer 1:5 to Lam 3:39
Ez 3:17 to Dan 12:3
Hos 2:19 to Mal 4:5