Within Christianity one of the core beliefs is that Jesus Christ was crucified and died for the sins of the whole world. What is the evidence for his crucifixion? Have a look here.

We have good news. The Urdu Geo Version is now also available in Devanagari script. The following files which are still a beta version can be downloaded here:
Urdu Geo Version (The Old and New Testament) pdf 8.9 MB,
Tauret (Pentateuch) pdf 3.0 MB,
Tareekhi Sahaif
(Historical Books) pdf 4.3 MB,
Sahaif-I Hikmat Aur Zaboor (Wisdom Literature and Psalms) pdf 2.3 MB,
Sahaif-I Anbia (Prophets) pdf 4.2 MB,
Injil-I Muqaddas (New Testament) pdf 4.5 MB.

There is again some good news. The Urdu Geo Version of the Injil is now available in A5 format and downloadable in a file which is only 3.1 MB big. Have a look at this nice print and this wonderful content (UGV-Injil).

The biblical canon is quite an important subject. The question of the canon of the Old Testament is related to the Holy Scriptures of the Jews as well. The question of the canon of the New Testament is also an important part of the early church history. Here you can get "Some Ideas about the Canon of the Bible".