Wo in der Bibel haben Frauen einen Wortbeitrag von vorne gegeben? Oder an welchen Stellen ist ihr aufgezeichneter Wortbeitrag von vorne weitergegeben worden? Der Lobgesang der Hanna ist bekannt, das Magnifikat von Maria ist weltberühmt. Es war interessant, dieser Frage nachzugehen. Was ich gefunden habe, kann man hier herunterladen:  Weibliche Wortbeiträge von vorne in der Bibel

Hier ist auch noch eine Präsentation im Pdf-Format zum Thema: Die Rolle der Frau in der Gemeinde.

Die verschiedenen Taufen im Neuen Testament hängen miteinander zusammen und sind verbunden in der Person Jesu Christi. Die hier herunterladbare Datei ist enstanden in Zusammenhang mit einem Seminar zum Thema Taufe in der Gemeinde und ist eine Art Handout mit Wortstudien und der Zusammenfassung des Inhaltes zu den Taufen im Neuen Testament mit ihren verschiedenen Eigenschaften. 

Pdf-Datei zum Herunterladen: Taufe im Neuen Testament 

I came across this book a few years ago. We had returned to Germany for good after 18 years in Pakistan. Even in the rural area of Germany where I live now Bill Johnson is known. Because of my work in the local church I had to look at the teaching of Bill Johnson. If somebody has written a book, I thought, that is a good way to get acquainted with his teachings so to say from his own mouth. My review is the outcome of reading the book and looking for things which are important for me. The Pdf-File can be downloaded from here: Bill Johnson’s Book: When Heaven invades Earth - A Review

It is sometimes said that the prophet Isaiah is an evangelist within the Old Testament. I agree. It is a wonderful book. It is a vision granted to a man of Israel living in the eighth and seventh century B.C. which goes far beyond his own time while being rooted in his time and in the Spirit of prophecy. I plan to keep on writing bits and pieces for this growing blog book. The Lord willing I may be able in some point in the distant future to complete it. 

My joy to read this book and hear it and work with it and preach it has never ceased since the time I have discovered it in my teenage years. As I want to share some findings with my students while I am working on it, I have decided to write it as a growing and developing blog book. As I have also students in Asia, I prefer to write it in my English because this language is accessible to them which German is not. Anyone interested in Isaiah or curious about its prophecy is welcome to download it for free from here: A NT Reading of the OT Isaiah.