Vergessen, verbuddelt, verdrängt,
der Mann, der am Kreuze gehenkt.
„Hey, Jesus!“ grölt die Menge im Hohn,
„Du bist doch Christus, Gottes Sohn.
Andere haben von dir so viel profitiert,
was ist denn jetzt mit dir selber passiert?
Schwängest du dich von diesem grausamen Holz,
wären wir auf dich ganz furchtbar stolz.“

We are happy to present this new book about the Holy Spirit. It is freely available for download here.
The subject of the Holy Spirit has always been very important for the church of Jesus Christ. This is also true for the last few generations of believers. This book is basically a word study. It follows the use of  the word "spirit" in the Old and in the New Testament as far as it points to the Spirit of God. It tries to cover all relevant contexts in an orderly and systematic way. The different bible passages are not only given as references but quoted fully so that the reader can follow the subject through the Bible in the words of the Holy Scriptures. Often the immediate context is included in the quotation to enable the reader to perceive the different meanings of the relevant phrases within their proper setting.

If you want to visit a place where you can have a look at the Bible in its original languages then the Scholarly Bible Portal of the German Bible Society ist just the right thing for you. There you can look up any Bible chapter in Hebrew, Greek, Latin, English and if you like German. The Hebrew text is the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia and the New Testament Greek text is taken from the 27th Nestle-Aland edition. Both are the de facto standard texts used in Bible translation and scholarly work all over the world.

is one of the most important topics in Christian Systematic Theology. It is at the heart of Christian salvation and Christian joy. Because it is so important I have thought this Urdu summary of Wayne Grudem's English "Systematic Theology", Leicester: IVP 2005 (1994), p‬‬. 529-567 might be useful.