We have the joy to present a new church history in the Urdu language written by Dieter Becht: Eemaan kee DauR. Qadeem Kleesia kaa Hairat-Angez Safar (2016). The book has 545 pages and the 4.7 MB file can be downloaded here: Church History - Eemaan kee DauR .

Enjoy the reading!

The outline is:

Eemaan kee DauR  pp. 21-31

Eemaan ka maahol 32-38

Eemaan ka phaelaao 39-91

Eemaan ka bid'at par Galbah 92-283

Eemaan ke shohoda aur shaheedprastee 284-339

Eemaan ke paehaelwaan 340-423

Eemaan kee ibaadat 424-447

Eemaan kee rifaqati shakal: Kleesia 448-475

Zameeme 476-506

Notes 507-534

References 535-543

Acknowledgements 544-545


We are happy to announce a new version of the book 'The Mystery of Godliness' (pdf, 3.3 MB) by Eddy Lanz. In this edition the following chapters are covered:

Chapter 1 Theology under the Word of God, p. 1
Chapter 2 Theology - One God Revealed in Three Persons, p. 124
Chapter 3 Creation, p. 215
Chapter 4 Christology - about the Person and Work of Jesus Christ, p. 353
Chapter 5 Soteriology - about Salvation, p. 447
Chapter 6 Pneumatology - about God's Spirit, p. 631
Chapter 7 Ecclesiology - about God's People, p. 909
Chapter 8 Eschatology - about the Last Things, p. 1013

Appendices p. 1197-1344.



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Greek Gospel Synopsis Based on Matthew odt 337 KB

The Mystery of Godliness pdf 3.3 MB

Basic Systematic Theology pdf 2.0 MB

Seven Truths about the Holy Spirit pdf 804 KB

Urdu Geo Version (In Persian script. The Old and New Testament) pdf  10.5 MB

Urdu Geo Version (In Devanagari script. The Old and New Testament) pdf  7.6 MB

Urdu Church History by Dieter Becht, pdf 4.7 MB